Stacked Boats and Marblehead Light

On June 13th, I headed to Crocker Park for the moonrise but arrived a bit early. The sky was clear which was perfect for capturing the moon close to the horizon but meant little in the way of interest for a bonus sunset shot. However, as the sun began to set, it cast a nice soft light on the stacked boats in the harbor and I found this simple composition with Marblehead Light centered in the top of the frame. I'm not sure what it is about this shot but I ended up liking much more than I expected.  Hope [...]

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Cloudscape at Chandler Hovey Park

I told you the light had been changing quickly on last Thursday quick tour through Marblehead Harbor. We had sun rays over Abbot Hall, dramatic light towards Fort Sewall and this great cloudscape behind Chandler Hovey Park as we made it out of the harbor. We continued on for a bit before turning around and I managed a few more shots on the return. Lots more to come from this outing but hope you are able to get out on a boat and enjoy a very similar view of Chandler Hovey Park either on leaving or returning to Marblehead harbor. [...]

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Moon Light

I knew this one was going to be tough. The biggest moon of the year (the proverbial supermoon) was due to rise 30 minutes after sunset. That's an eternity of lost light and would make for a very technically difficult shot but also made compositional options difficult. With the moon being so much brighter than anything around it, the foreground elements would end up lost short of some multi-exposure tricks. Then it dawned on me that Marblehead Light was still draped in led lights from the Independence Day holiday so I planned out my location at the edge of Fort [...]

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Lighthouse Sunset

On July 2nd, I had made my way to Chandler Hovey Park to capture a promising sunset. I shot from the edge of the park where the cliff faces Cove Beach and then turned towards my car as the light faded. As usual, I looked back one last time before calling it a night and saw this composition. I used my widest lens to take in the view of Marblehead Light, the flagpole and that weather battered tree while making sure to capture as much of the sky as possible. The lights around the lighthouse set up for the Independence [...]

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Ring Around the Neck

Before the first volley of fireworks is launched overhead, Marblehead residents (with help from the Boy Scouts) light flares encircling the harbor. The red flares are perfectly balanced by the deep blues of the sky and water in this blue hour. This year, I captured the view around Chandler Hovey Park from across the harbor at Fort Beach. With it being low tide, I was able to make my way between rocks for a water level view of the boats waiting for the show and the lights reflected in the harbor.

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Light Under the Rainbow

We started Saturday July 2nd with some rain and then had thunderstorms threaten but ended up veering to the south of us. I had gone out at 6pm hoping to capture some lightning but watches as the cells fell apart on radar. However, as rain formed and looked like it might clip Marblehead, I decided to head out once more - this time to Front Street. I arrived and could see rain in the distance behind Marblehead Light and the sun had appeared but there was no rainbow to be found. I waited and another shower hit after which I [...]

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Above the Clouds at Chandler Hovey Park

This was the other image I captured from atop Fort Sewall as the full moon rose above the clouds on Sunday night. I shared the image of a lone paddle boarder which I thought offered a dynamic contrast in the relative sizes of man and moon.  I ended up favoring that image over this more classic composition but still thought this one worthy of a share. I wonder which you prefer - 'Moonrise Paddle' or 'Above the Clouds'?

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Empty Harbor Dawn

Another image from my outing on the morning of April 16th and lucking out with some great dawn colors. I had shared a tighter shot focusing on Marblehead Light and Childrens Island but thought I would share this one today. I had zoomed out to include the stacked lobster traps as well as the American flag at the State Street Landing. The empty harbor filled with moorings seems to be awaiting the arrival of warmer days and boats to fill their spots. I imagine the next few days will see a lot of activity in Marblehead harbor as 70 degree [...]

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Ready to Launch

It's amazing how many compositions can be captured from the end of the pier at the Pleon Yacht Club. I shared one looking across the harbor towards Abbot Hall and the BYC last week. As I turned, I spotted this view of the launch for Eastern Yacht Club. As the wind picked up, the flags flew and picked up the light of the sun breaking through the clouds. In the distance you can see Marblehead Light peeking out from behind the Corinthian. I'm sure the harbor will be seeing lots of boats entering in the next few weeks and these [...]

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Morning Light

This image was captured 20 minutes after Monday's wider shot. The dawn colors had disappeared as clouds thickened but then a band of orange light formed behind Chandler Hovey Park. I had two cameras at the ready and swapped the one with a wider lens to this one with my longest zoom. I extended the zoom almost to its limit to keep focus on the park and lighthouse with the small band of great light forming a backdrop.

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