Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor

Before taking this image in January 2013, I had seen frostbite sailing take place in Marblehead Harbor but hadn't truly appreciate the name of this Winter activity. On this day, with a cold fog enveloping Marblehead and the boats crossing in front of Abbot Hall in an otherwise empty harbor, I could finally grasp just how cold the sailors must be.

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor

This image of frostbite sailing in Marblehead Harbor comes from a pleasantly warm Sunday on March 3, 2013.  The temperature had hit the lower 40s and I was out exploring Crocker Park when I spotted this group of sonars going through maneuvers within Marblehead Harbor. Frostbite sailing is such a unique tradition for Marblehead and I highly recommend experiencing it in person from Crocker Park or Marblehead Neck.  Sailing takes place on Sundays typically starting on November 11th and continues until the end of April.

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Halloween Race in Front of Abbot Hall

On Saturday, I decided to head out to catch the start of the Annual Eastern Yacht Club Halloween Race in Marblehead Harbor.  The conditions were perfect for racing with strong winds but that made for less than fun conditions standing across the harbor shooting the action.  I started off getting images of the colorful sailboats crossing in front of Old North Church and was hoping the race course would extend out toward Abbot Hall even though that section of the harbor seemed to be fairly full with boats (for this late in the season). It turned out that the image [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor

My best friend from college came to visit this weekend and on Sunday we decided to head out with my kids to Crocker Park.  I hadn't photographed my kids in weeks so I grabbed the camera thinking I would get a few nice shots of them outside.  We couldn't ask for better conditions as the sun kept breaking through the clouds and warming us up.  The kids climbed the rocks and I tried to capture their enthusiasm.  It wasn't long though before I noticed that frostbite sailing (or 'frostbiting') was taking place in the harbor. With the harbor still fairly [...]

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Sailing Under the Rainbow

In early June 2010, I had gone to Fort Sewall in the hopes of shooting the sailboats as they got into the harbor.  Initially, I was quite disappointed as the heavy cloud cover made for very flat light.  At around 6pm, a storm developed just past Childrens Island.  The boats were really moving in the winds that came with the sudden inclement weather. Just as the storm passed and the boats moved across Childrens Island, the sun finally popped through the cloud cover.  With the heavy rain that you see in the background and the setting sunset light, an incredibly [...]

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A Halloween Regatta on the steps of Abbot Hall

Bit of a late entry today as I could not make up my mind which of three shots to post.  I asked fans on my Facebook page to weigh in and this was the unanimous winner.  On October 29, the Eastern Yacht Club sponsored an in-harbor regatta.  Given the location and the promise of colorful sails, I knew that I couldn't miss this opportunity and headed down to the Neck long lens in hand.  I set up near the Pleon yacht club and braced myself against the wind as the boats moved across familiar landmarks. As I mentioned, I ended [...]

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Sailing Under the Harvest Moon

The harvest moon coincided with the first day of Fall this year.  I made my way to Fort Sewall hoping to catch the moon as it first came up over the horizon but low lying clouds interfered with the best laid plans.  Instead I was treated to the last Wednesday night race and the moon was good enough to come out of hiding for this shot. Technical: Canon 50D and EF 70-200 f/4 IS.  Single exposure.

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