Washington Street

Old Town House Bathed in Gold

The Marblehead Festival of Arts is upon us and two of my prints are hanging up at the Old Town House this weekend.  I was honored to receive an Honorable Mention award for 'Lunar Eclipse and Abbot Hall'.  As in years past, the public gets to vote of their favorite image which is then awarded the Peoples Choice Award.  I would greatly appreciate your vote if you make it through the photography exhibit on Friday (2-7pm), Saturday (10-5pm) or Sunday (12-5pm). Today's image comes from that same sunset and incredible light show of last Thursday night.  In fact, this was [...]

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Marblehead – A Model New England Town

In late November 2014, as Abbot Hall tower was nearing the end of its much needed repairs, I was invited atop the scaffolding to help document the work that was taking place.  With a perfect vantage point from which to capture images of historic downtown and the harbor, I couldn't help but shoot the nearly endless compositions that presented themselves. For this shot, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and introduce a selective focus (much like one would get with a tilt-shift lens).  The result accentuates the effect of shooting from above and transforms Marblehead into [...]

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Top 10 of 2015 – Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

I usually like to wait a little while after taking and sharing an image to decide if it has 'legs' and will remain a favorite for years to come.  In the case of this image of Mud Puddle Toys and the corner of Pleasant and Washington Streets, I knew the moment I clicked the shutter. The response to the image was overwhelming and confirmed my early feelings.    Here is #10 in the Top 10 of 2015 Countdown.

Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

With the parking ban in effect and unseasonably warm temperatures, I've wanted to capture images of historic downtown Marblehead for a while now.  Unfortunately, the light has been terrible with heavy cloud cover blocking any semblance of light on the streets.  Finally on Saturday morning, the weather looked promising and I left the house at 6:00am hoping for the best.  This week I plan to share images of historic downtown Marblehead captured on this early morning. My very first stop was this one on the sidewalk in front of Haley's Cafe to capture the intersection of Pleasant and Washington Streets. [...]

Old North Church – A Study in Angles

For the past 5 years, the Old North Church has resisted all of my attempts to photograph it. While I’ve shot from its cupola, the building is so tall and the street below so tight, that I was never able to capture the full facade of the beautiful structure before without angling the camera upwards and introducing horrible distortions. With Canon's newest super wide lens on loan, I was able to stand across the street and take an image head on capturing the full stature of Old North Church enveloped in clouds. I then wandered up and down Washington Street [...]

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The Marblehead Museum

Today's image takes us back to last week and the repeated attempts to capture this flowering tree along Washington Street with Abbot Hall in the background.  I had finally hit upon peak blooms and great light on this third visit to the location across the street (in the garden of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion).  After capturing the vertical composition, I walked up Washington Street to see if there was solid horizontal view to be had.  I was quite pleased to find that I could fit in the Marblehead Museum and Abbot Hall in the frame with the flowering tree and [...]

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Spring Blossoms under St. Michael’s steeple

St. Michael's new steeple has been in place for less than a year and yet it looks right at home when looked at up close and as part of the skyline. I was out running errands on Wednesday morning and walked along Washington Street and by St. Michael's church when I looked to my right and noted a tree in full bloom.  I walked closer to check angles and compositions and was pretty sure this would 'work'.  After picking up some framed prints that had been at the Chamber of Commerce (and will be up at West Marine on Saturday [...]

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Lighting Up the Cherry Blossoms and Abbot Hall

Today's image represents my third (and final) attempt to capture the cherry blossoms on Washington Street with Abbot Hall towering overhead.  I mention in Monday's post that I first noted this scene on April 26 and captured it under interesting skies but lamented the cherry blossom had yet to bloom. I returned on Tuesday, May 5th at sunrise but the mostly cloudy skies blocked any sun - I ended up shooting the wider scene instead.  When I woke on Wednesday, May 6th at 5:45am and saw the perfect sky outside, I quickly grabbed the camera bag and returned to this [...]

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Through the Gate of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion

On Monday, I shared an image of Abbot Hall taken from the Jeremiah Lee Mansion and had mentioned that the cherry blossom tree had yet to bloom.  I noted that the photo might be very different with that element.  On Tuesday morning, I woke at sunrise and hoped to replicate the image (I scouted the tree the night before and was pleased to find it in full bloom). I set up the tripod and camera in the same spot as before and waited for the light.  Unfortunately, the forecast for partially cloudy skies was wrong and much thicker clouds blocked [...]

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Falling Snow on Old Town House

I realize just about everyone is tired of snow at this point but this image of freshly falling snow on Old Town House comes from one of the earliest snow storms of this season - January 24, 2015.  Who knew at the time that this would be the start of a record breaking Winter with seemingly endless waves of snowstorms and freezing temperatures in between that kept the snow firmly in place. There's something about the first few snowfalls of the season that elicit a sense of childlike wonder and I was thrilled to be able to capture the still [...]

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