Old Town

Shadows on State Street

On Monday, in the middle of an incredibly hot Labor Day, I ventured out of the house having spied some clouds.  Shooting in the middle of the day can be difficult with harsh light and strong shadows. I decided to head to historic downtown Marblehead first and noticed the mid-days sun casting shadows on State Street. I watched the traffic and crossed into the middle of the street briefly to capture the view of these historic home leading towards the landing where a large flag was caught in a gust of wind. From this direction, the sky held few clouds [...]

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Sunset Light over State Street

As the calendar inches closer to June, I took a peak forward at images taken in past Junes. I quickly settled on this image of sunset light over State Street to share today from my 'to be published' folder. I remember going out that night in hopes of good light and deciding to hang out at State Street rather than crossing the causeway to shoot back from the Neck. I was rewarded with a long sunset that arrived in the perfect location in the evening sky. The sunset light added a soft glow to the houses that make up State [...]

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First Light on Washington Street

The blizzard conveniently ended on a Wednesday and I set an alarm to capture first light on Washington Street covered in snow. I knew from my house that the snow would like have stuck to the branches of trees and sides of houses and was not disappointed to find this scene of historic downtown laid out before me. I passed this spot earlier as I started off flying my drone up to Abbot Hall for an image of the clock face caked in snow. After landing, I decided to walk up State Street and across Washington Street to find equally [...]

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Blanket of Snow around Old Town House

Here it is - the last new image I will share in 2017.  Next week, I plan on doing my top 10 of 2017 countdown culminating with the annual New Years Day slideshow looking back at all 169 images of Marblehead that I've shared in the past year. Today's image was one of the last I took on Sunday morning as I went from one area in town to another capturing images after the first snowfall of the season.  There's something magical about that first snow and this year's was no exception with sticky snow and little wind leading to [...]

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The Lobster Trap Tree

On Saturday morning, I drove my daughter to the State Street landing where she met with her fourth grade Marblehead Cheerleading team to take part in the annual Christmas Walk parade.  I had missed out on shooting the festivities earlier in the day when Santa arrived by boat and was surprised to see a lobster trap tree built up on one of the sections leading toward the water. I don't recall seeing a lobster trap tree here in years past and wondered if it might be a new addition to this town's traditional parade and other downtown festivities.  As it [...]

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Walking in Marblehead

On Thursday, August 3rd, I rushed back to Marblehead from my office to take part in my very first Marblehead Walking Tour with Bette Hunt.  Though I have lived in Marblehead since 2008 and have met Bette Hunt on a few occasions, the timing of her walking tours never quite matched up with my schedule.  As this was the last one of the Summer season, I made it a point to get there on time. We started in front of the Jeremiah Lee mansion and then walked as a group down Hooper Street, through Crocker Park and along Front Street. [...]

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Jeremiah Lee Mansion at Dawn

The Jeremiah Lee Mansion has been featured on this site a number of times but I found this shot from last December that hadn't yet seen the light of day.  Each year as the parking ban goes into effect, I make it a point to visit historic downtown Marblehead and capture images of the empty streets much as they appeared for hundreds of years. On this particular morning, I found a new composition for this old building as I discovered that St. Michael's steeple could be seen just to the left of the building behind the branches of a nearby [...]

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Oko of Marblehead

Having captured the annual Christmas Walk parade, my son and I stopped at Mino's for lunch before heading out to Gillette Stadium to catch the Marblehead football game.  As we walked to the car, we spotted the Okommakamesit or Oko of Marblehead parked in front of the house where it is normally stationed.  This old handtub has participated in musters for over a hundred years and, as part of the Christmas Walk, the Okos had opened up their place on the corner of Washington and State Streets to visitors. We headed inside and took in the small museum on the [...]

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Marblehead Christmas Walk

The Marblehead Christmas Walk is this weekend and I thought I would share this image of Glover's Regiment walking down State Street at the conclusion of the 2011 parade to spread the word.  If you are new in town or haven't participated in the Marblehead Christmas Walk festivities, make sure you head to historical downtown this weekend. This year marks the 46th version of the annual event sponsored by the business community.  Tonight, there will be a Tree Lighting at the National Grand Bank lot from 6-7pm as well as a lobster trap tree lighting in front of Mud Puddle [...]

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Last Light on Old Town House

Today's image of Old Town House reflecting the last light of sunset comes from an outing on June 23rd.  I had gone out that day to try again for a shot of State Street at sunset (an attempt the night before proved fruitless) and was rewarded for my efforts with a brilliant sunset display in historic downtown Marblehead.  As I made my way back to my car parked on Washington Street, I spotted the pink glow of sunset reflecting in the windows of Old Town House.  It only took a moment to get the camera set up again before the [...]

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