The Secret Beach

So this was where I was headed on Fathers Day and why I had spent some time on Nahant Street to capture the sunset shared yesterday.  I've been to the 'secret beach' on Cove Lane several times but felt that I had not fully explored the possible compositions there previously. The sunset had started to fade at this point and the angles for shooting the setting sun and the secret beach were few.  I spent some time capturing the view of Marblehead Light (and I would return to this exact spot the following day to capture the aurora borealis as [...]

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The Beach at Castle Rock

Continuing with the 25 minute exploration of Castle Rock from January 7, this view comes immediately after capturing the Old Man in Castle Rock.  At this point, I had descended the stairs leading down towards the small beach at Castle Rock and explored a few compositions that would properly capture the area. I decided on a wide view to show the beach (made up of small to medium sized polished rocks) as well as the houses lining the coastline of Marblehead Neck and the calm Atlantic Ocean reflecting the clouds above and the colors of sunset.  The beach at Castle [...]

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The Rocks at Devereux Beach

This image was taken at Devereux Beach on May 4, 2011 - a mere two weeks from today's date.  This cold spell in the midst of Spring has likely kept many from imagining scenes such as this so I thought the view of waves coming up to the rocky shore at Devereux Beach would serve as a nice reminder of days to come.

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Fire in the Sky over Devereux Beach

On January 15, a truly breathtaking sunset took shape over the Atlantic ocean and Devereux Beach.  As the sun dropped below the horizon, the sky built up with color and the clouds served to reflect and accentuate the scene making it appear as though there was a fire in the sky. I have shared a wider view of this scene including the causeway and lampposts but had to share this one as well for its powerful colors.

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Looking South at Dawn from Castle Rock

The morning of February 19th turned out to be quite a productive one with a wide range of images taken from the snow covered area around Castle Rock.  After the sun rose, I moved to the edge of Castle Rock and looked down onto the private beach that lines this section of Marblehead Neck. The tide was at a perfect height with just enough beach to form a divide between the ocean and snow covered land.  The soft orange glow of dawn can be seen accentuating the few clouds in the sky and the moon is visible in the upper [...]

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The Calm Before the Storm – Greystone Beach

On Saturday, February 15, I woke early to take my son to the YMCA snowboarding lesson and then drove in search of images of the early morning sun reflecting off snow. We already had a good amount of snow on the ground and were due for yet another blizzard that evening. I figured the unsettled air might help bring out a nice sunrise. I began with images of Tedesco's trees and greens covered in snow and then drove off to find good light. As I watched the sky brighten, I decided to head to Greystone beach in the hopes of [...]

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Flying through the Sea Smoke

Back to the morning of January 4th and the awesome experience of capturing sea smoke rising off the Atlantic Ocean from Devereux Beach.  I had captured the sunrise over Tinker's Island at this point but the increasing angle of sunlight was backlighting the sea smoke and making for an even more impressive display. I tried to time the shots to the waves coming to shore and loved this particular image for the lobster trap encircled by water and the sea gulls that can be seen flying through the sea smoke. As incredible cold as it was that morning, it was [...]

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Last Night’s Sunset – Devereux Beach, Marblehead, MA

I had another post in mind for today but then this happened and I just couldn't wait to share it. Yesterday was a good day.  It began with having the cast taken off my left foot where I had broken a small bone back on December 7.  The feeling of having that weight lifted (literally) was tempered as soon as I stepped on the foot and realized I now had a long way to go in getting up to speed with walking.  As it happened, I had a physical therapy appointment at the JCC a few hours later that went [...]

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Sea Smoke – Cold Dawn on Devereux Beach

Saturday morning brought truly arctic temperatures to Marbleheadwith measurements of 2 F (before the wind chill).  I drove around Marblehead Neck to find the best examples of sea smoke coming off the relatively balmy Atlantic Ocean waters and decided the best view could be had from the causeway near Devereux Beach.  I started shooting at dawn when the light cloud cover erupted in pink hues before the sun rose and lit the whole sky in a fiery red (I shared that image yesterday). I sought to include as much of Devereux Beach and the Neck with Tinker's Island out in [...]

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The Beach at Castle Rock

This image of the small beach at Castle Rock comes from early October when I had started my search for foliage in Marblehead.  I was able to grab a shot of the maple tree at Gatchell park and the just-turning leaves along Marblehead Neck before driving to Castle Rock. The sky was filled with clouds and a few boats could be seen in the distance leaving me to set up and grab this image just as a wave crested and reached the shore.

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