Rays of Sunlight over Marblehead Harbor

I mentioned in yesterday's post that we had taken a quick ride through the harbor last Thursday and that I was treated to some great light. The light was different in every direction (two more images coming later in the week to show case this) and the rays of sunlight were a particular draw. For this shot, I tried to time it so the two sailboats with their triangular lines (can you tell I have zero nautical knowledge?) would serve to accentuate the lines of the sunrays and tried to get Abbot situated nicely behind the taller boat in the [...]

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Crocker in the Springtime

One final shot from my outing on Wednesday, April 27th. I had set up at the pier off Foster Street and captured closer shots of Abbot Hall with a lone sailboat moored in mid-harbor and then pivoted to capture the EYC launch boats. The last composition I wanted to capture was the wider view as the sunlight was helping to bring out the greens in Crocker Park sandwiched between Abbot and the State Street Landing. The contrast of light on Crocker and the darker clouds above with a bit of glow to the harbor water made for one last keeper [...]

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Spring is Here – First Boat in Midharbor

After capturing the view at Waterside Cemetery on Wednesday, I continued to drive around Marblehead and then onto the Neck to find scenes of spring.  As I turned down Foster Street, I spotted a boat perfectly positioned on its mooring in midharbor and found a nice spot along the Pleon pier where I could line it up with Abbot Hall and the BYC. From there it was just a matter of waiting for a break in the clouds and capture the feeling of a perfect spring day in Marblehead. For those who can't zoom in 200% to read the boat's [...]

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Spring is in the Air – Old North Church

Last shot from my outing on Sunday, April 15 when lasers and tech dinghies crossed Marblehead Harbor. I was set up at Parker Lane and zoomed in a bit as the clouds shifted so that the sun reflected off the white sails of these lasers while Old North Church and the houses behind The Landing fell into shadow. Hope this week got you excited for springtime in Marblehead!

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Spring is in the Air – Marblehead Light

I mentioned that I had gone out on Sunday, April 10th to capture tech dinghies in the harbor and started off at Hammond Park. This was the scene that awaited me there. I played with tight and wide compositions of this scene but had to go with the wider version as it allowed me to include the great cumulus clouds over Marblehead Light. The sun was behind me and helped bring out the small white sails against the blue water of the harbor.

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Spring is in the Air – Grace, St Michaels and Crocker Park

Continuing with images from the last tech dinghy race of the season which took place on Sunday, April 10th. Here a group (gaggle?) of dinghies mixes with lasers crossing in front of St. Michaels, Grace Community Church and Crocker Park as the sun reflects off the white sails.

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Spring is in the Air – Abbot Hall

I was home on Sunday, April 10th having finished some yard work when I noted some nice cumulus clouds overhead and pulled up the Boston Yacht Club webcam to see how they appeared over the harbor. I was surprised to find more than a dozen sailboats crossing the harbor and quickly made my way to Hammond Park where I captured the tech dinghies in front of Marblehead Light. Once the light shifted, I drove across the causeway and found this vantage point from Parker Lane. It definitely felt as if spring was in the air with temperatures in the mid-50s [...]

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Heading Home in a Townie

One of my all time favorite outings happened on July 5, 2016 and I still have not finished sharing my 'keepers' from that night. We had incredible fog roll in as the sun set which created an almost cinematic appearance to the harbor. I shot from Chandler Hovey Park in every direction and have shared several favorite images already. Here a lone town class boat heads back into the harbor with the sail catching the light of the setting sun and the fog breaking around the edge of land in the background.

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Moonrise over the Neck

I almost bailed on tonight's full pink moon but, thanks to a friendly nudge from Mark Katz [], I came away with a very unexpected final shot. So today was very busy with spring in full gear and lots of patients to see in the office. I arrived home after 6 and ate with the family and had no intention of shooting the moonrise despite a nice invite from Mark to meet him at the Barnacle. For those who don't follow him, Mark moved with his family to Marblehead in the past year (from Swampscott and New York before that). [...]

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