Red Sun over Marblehead Harbor

I bought a new photography related gadget and had gone out on Saturday night to test it out with the sunset cannon. The device worked fairly well but I had some more issues to work out so I headed out again with a plan to capture the Corinthian's cannon fire. As I crossed the causeway, I spotted a setting red sun in the rearview mirror and decided on a quick stop in front of the Eastern. I had a perfect spot from which to capture the setting sun and fired away as it made its way through cloud cover. At [...]

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Fire in the Sky

I warned you that I came away with 12 keepers from the incredible dawn on Saturday morning. Here are the next 4 in the series. These images capture the full spectrum from the first light at 5:11am to the sunrise at 5:38am. During that time, I shot from various spots along the stairs at Crocker Park leading to the float (which should be installed in a few more weeks).   I couldn't have asked for better light on this early spring morning as the colors helped me with a wide range of compositions. I hope you agree this image of [...]

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Explosion of Color

I had last gone out to capture images of Marblehead two weeks ago which seems to have become the norm for late winter/early-mid spring for me. The lack of foliage around town and the lack of boats in the harbor limits the compositional possibilities. When I saw rain in the forecast for this weekend, I quickly checked a few apps including those predicting cloud cover and saw there was a pretty good chance for a solid dawn/sunrise on Saturday morning. I set my alarm for 5am and was out the door shortly thereafter. As I drove to Crocker Park, I [...]

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Top 10 of 2022 – #7 Moonset over the Harbor

My seventh favorite image captured in 2022 comes from the morning of September 10th when I made my way to Chandler Hovey Park to capture the moon setting besides Abbot Hall. If memory serves, the deep orange color was due to a combination of the timing of sunrise but also some west coast fires that added particulate matter to the air. For the deep orange hue of the moon and the foreground of a crowded harbor, this quickly became a favorite and ended up as my seventh best image of 2022.

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End of the Season

So this was the view in the other direction of the lamp post that I shared yesterday - now you see why I felt that I had miscalculated my shooting spot... Still, I was able to get some color on the clouds over Abbot Hall and the harbor filled with only a few boats which seemed to mark the end of the season.

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Summer is Back (for a few days at least)

With today's high predicted to hit 70, I had to pull out images of summer from the to-be-posted archive. When I hit this batch of images captured from a friend's boat on a mid-July evening, I knew I had the perfect depiction of summer to accompany the warm up. Also a perfect night to catch high school football with the first preseason game taking place at Piper Field tonight at 7pm. Tickets must be purchased online in advance. Link for tickets -  

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Foliage Moon

So this was my first shot at the Hunter's moon on Friday night when I thought it was full. With the moon rise timed to occur before the sun set, I was able to capture a pastel sky as well as some foliage bathed in sunset light. I was pretty happy with this image not realizing that, five minutes later, I would get a stronger composition aiming towards the Corinthian Yacht Club. Also, the fact that this wasn't actually a full moon (that would come the next night over Tinker's), took away from my initial excitement. Still, any chance to [...]

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Landing the Moonrise (or A Last Minute Pivot)

I had a plan for tonight's full Hunter's moonrise after checking the expected location using an app. I figured that if I set up at Crocker Park, I would be able to shoot the moon coming up over the Corinthian Yacht Club and might luck out with some foliage in the park as a nice foreground element. Well, I was set up and waiting for the moon at 5:59pm when it rose a good distance away from where I had expected it! I decided to get a few shots from there as the sun was still illuminating the foreground boats [...]

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Old North

Another capture from across the harbor on a Tuesday afternoon while scouting for foliage. This time I decided to focus on Old North Church rather than Abbot Hall or Marblehead light and found great light and a nice collection of boats in the harbor to tie the composition together. You can just make out the first signs of fall color in the canopy of tree cover.

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Fall Day in Marblehead

Yesterday, I drove around Marblehead to get a sense of fall colors on what will likely be a muted foliage season due to the drought of summer. I found little in the way of color but decided to get out of my car when I reached Foster Street on the Neck. I made my way to one of my favorite spots at the edge of the Pleon pier and waited for a cloud to pass so that some sun could make its way to the surprisingly full harbor.  As the sunlight appeared, so did a sailboat making its way up [...]

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