First Freeze at Redd’s Pond

I went out last night with camera and drone in hand hoping for good light at sunset to capture aerial views of Marblehead.  I decided to try my luck at Redd's Pond and was disappointed with the light but happy to find the first freeze of the season had created a perfect layer of ice above the water.  While the ice wasn't thick enough to stand on, it did serve as a beautifully reflective surface and, as luck would have it, a Christmas tree was glowing in the window of one of the red houses across the pond. With the [...]

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Cracked Ice on the Forest River

On Friday, March 13th, I drove home by way of Leggs Hill Road and noted the ice along the Forest River had started to break up into large chunks.  I decided to return to the spot at sunset to capture the unique view before the upcoming warmth and rain obliterated this remnant of the Winter of 2015. When I arrived at Leggs Hill Road closer to sunset, I found the view looking back toward Lafayette Street to be drab due to the overcast conditions.  However the view toward Loring Avenue held far more promise and was one I had never [...]

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Frozen Reflection at Redd’s Pond

It seems like forever since the ice at Redd's Pond has been visible, let alone skate-able.  Before all of this snow, we actually had perfect conditions for ice formation and I took my kids to skate on Redd's Pond on several occasions. This image comes from New Years Day when I returned to Redd's Pond to find it empty near sunset with great light reflecting off the red house named Pond View and Old Burial Hill.  The ice acted as a mirror to perfectly reflect the house, light and clouds with the setting moon just visible.  The seams in the ice added [...]

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Frozen Marblehead Harbor at Sunrise

Today is my 40th birthday.  In the past, I have made it a point to capture the sunrise on my birthday each year and I have ended up with some favorite images to start each new year of life.  This year with forecasts for cloudy skies on Wednesday morning and overcast conditions for today, I opted to shoot the sunrise a day early. I started off intending to shoot from Hammond Park but it was closed off by a literal mountain of snow.  I was able to get close to the waters edge and found an incredible scene of a [...]

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Moon Reflecting On Frozen Redd’s Pond

It's become a tradition for me to share my annual New Year's Day slideshow and this year's 10-minute show received an incredible welcome.  Another part of the day's tradition is going out to shoot. I've captured some incredible sunrises on New Year's Day in the past few years but couldn't motivate for the early morning awakening this year.  Instead, I drove around as sunset approached searching for a new composition. With the recent cold temperatures, I thought I might find some frozen waters but struck out along the shore.  I then stopped at Black Joe's and Redd's ponds and found [...]

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First Light on an Icy Castle Rock

Back to some recent images taken before the January thaw.  On this particular morning, I again headed out in hopes of capturing some sea smoke.  It turned out that my search was in vain but I did not come away empty handed.  In fact, I witness (and captured) and incredible early dawn image that I'll share in the next few days (you'll understand why later) and then headed here to Castle Rock.  I was surprised to see the tide pools had turned to ice and I quickly scampered down to the rocks as the sun began to rise.  By positioning [...]

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Snow Blankets Redd’s Pond and Pond View

That was a pretty incredible first snow of the season!  Not really...barely any ended up sticking.  As I watched the slush fall, I combed through the archives and found this image from January 2009.  The original processing left much to be desired so I got to work trying to breathe new life into the photo.  I'm much happier with it now and hope it conveys that feeling of being out at Redd's as the snow drifts down on a perfect Winter day.

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Melting Ice at Redds Pond

Don't get nervous/'s another image from the archives and not the status of Redds at the moment.  This was actually taken in March 2009 after a snow storm and as the ice began to melt back.  As I mentioned on Monday's post, I have been trying to bring out images that have been sitting in my archive for a while and waiting for a break in new material to post them.  Hope you enjoy this view of Redds on this Wednesday in Marblehead...

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Hockey Night at Redds Pond

A picturesque frozen pond and kids playing a pick-up game of really can't ask for a more quintessential New England scene!  I took my kids skating for their first time on Redds earlier in the day and promptly went out to purchase my first pair of skates (no real need for those when you grow up in LA).  I returned for a few practice runs on the pond and found this pickup game in process.  Grabbed the camera and shot a few frames.  This image had a very classic, timeless feel to it so I decided to make it [...]

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