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Leading Lines on the Causeway

Our final image of the week and a good lead off for the weekend is this one from the morning of May 6, 2012.  I had gone out on this morning to shoot the Marblehead Carnival in the early light and had hoped to capture the full moon setting as well.  The latter didn't work out with the cloud cover but I was able to capture some nice images of Devereux Beach in the blue hour. As the morning light broke through the clouds, I made my way up to the causeway and stopped here when I saw that the lamp [...]

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Smoke Crashes Over the Causeway

My first stop on Sunday was Riverhead Beach which offered a great location for scouting out the morning's sea smoke.  While the temperatures of -10F meant that sea smoke would likely occur, the predicted winds of 20MPH made me nervous that any rising smoke would quickly disappear with the gusts of wind.  As soon as I pulled into the lot at Riverhead, those fears disappeared and the beauty of sea smoke rising from Marblehead harbor greeted me. I quickly got out of the car and felt the arctic temperatures for the first time.  I had dressed perfectly it turned out [...]

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Hunter’s Moon over the Causeway

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I hadn't captured any images of Fall foliage in Marblehead this year.  As I wrote that post, I was also scouting the full Hunter's moon expected location and had an image in mind that I hoped to capture. I finished up my last note at work at 5:15pm and drove straight to Devereux Beach and the causeway.  I had packed my camera and tripod that morning in case I was able to make it out on time for the 5:30pm moonrise and 5:45pm sunset.  I arrived at the Devereux parking lot at a little [...]

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October Sky over the Causeway

Yesterday began with fog then rain and stayed grey for much of the day.  As the sun began to dip lower in the sky, the clouds broke up and I thought there might be a chance for a decent sunset.  I had missed a few good ones lately so I made up my mind to head out. I stopped at a number of locations including Rocket Landing off Village Street, Parker Lane on the Neck and a few other old favorites before circling back and stopping at Devereux Beach.  I looked up as I got out of the car and [...]

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Clouds over the Causeway

I mentioned in Monday's post that I had gone out last Tuesday and found great cloud structures from this vantage point along the causeway connecting Marblehead and the Neck.  My widest lens couldn't do justice to the beautiful clouds that stretched across the horizon so I turned the camera to a vertical orientation and shot 18 frames to form a panorama. The resulting image is over 87 megapixels and, if printed at full resolution, would measure over 7 feet wide (it could easily print at twice that size without losing any detail).  Hope you enjoy this view of clouds over the [...]

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Pink Shutters and Abbot Hall

Since starting Wednesdays in Marblehead in 2010, Abbot Hall and its iconic tower have featured in well over 100 images shared on the site.  And yet, until this past week, I had never tried to capture the facade of Abbot Hall tower from this angle. I was attending a closing reception at the Marblehead Arts Association and happened to have my camera bag in the car (having been too lazy to remove it the other day).  As I looked up from my parking spot along Washington Street, I noted the simple composition of Abbot Hall towering over the houses below. [...]

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Fog on the Causeway

Since discovering the beauty of these lamp posts on the causeway during a foggy night in November 2011, I have returned on a few occasions looking for new compositions to showcase the balance of light and shadows on this link between Marblehead Neck and the mainland. This is one of three compositions captured in early December 2013 on a foggy evening.  The fog on the causeway helped illuminate the full arc of light given off by each lamp post.  Below is a gallery of other images in the series: Would you like to order a print of this image? [...]

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Clouds over the Causeway

With images of Devereux Beach at low tide captured, I walked back up to (and on top of) the causeway.  I started taking photos of those same golden clouds from yesterday's image and was reasonably happy with the results. Then, as the sun dipped below the horizon, the colors in the sky began to change to pink and a perfect cloud formed directly over Marblehead Neck with the causeway forming a beautiful leading line directly into it.  I widened my composition to include the whole of the Neck with Marblehead Light viewable in the far left and sought to capture [...]

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Lights on the Causeway

This image comes from the morning of February 6 and followed the image of the tree at Fort Sewall.  When I composed that wider shot to include the snow covered branches of the tree, I had noticed the bright lights of the causeway shining at regular intervals.  I decided to reposition the camera near the edge of the walkway at the fort and zoom in to highlight the alternating lights against the clouds and sky in the blue hour of dawn.

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Last Night’s Sunset – Devereux Beach, Marblehead, MA

I had another post in mind for today but then this happened and I just couldn't wait to share it. Yesterday was a good day.  It began with having the cast taken off my left foot where I had broken a small bone back on December 7.  The feeling of having that weight lifted (literally) was tempered as soon as I stepped on the foot and realized I now had a long way to go in getting up to speed with walking.  As it happened, I had a physical therapy appointment at the JCC a few hours later that went [...]

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