Preston Beach

Rainbow Lightning at Preston Beach

I just got home and can't believe what I'm looking at - rainbow lightning at Preston beach!  A bit of background on tonight's shot - I had gone out when the first storm passed just to the south of Marblehead around 6pm and was disappointed with the lack of lightning and that no rainbow appeared in its wake.  I returned home only to make a quick run to Vesuvius for dinner and thought I had settled in at home for the night. Without warning, torrential rain fell and I immediately pulled up my radar app to find an incredibly strong [...]

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The Sun Circle at Preston Beach

This is the third image this week captured on August 29th though, unlike the others, this one was taken at night.  I had spent this weekend chasing the supermoon and had been somewhat thwarted in my attempts to shoot the moon rising from Preston Beach.  As the moon rose higher in the sky, I moved out toward Beach Bluff Park wondering if I might be able to fit the bright moon inside the sun circle erected there. Though I couldn't get the moon to show in the circular cutout of stone, it did form a brilliant glow immediately over the [...]

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Preston Beach Lightning – Forked Bolt over the Ocean

While not the brightest bolt of lightning captured on this Saturday night at Preston Beach, I really liked the appearance of the forked bolt and its reflection in the wet sand.  At this point in the evening (this was taken between Monday and Tuesday's captures), the sky took on a more dramatic and menacing appearance which added an extra dimension to the scene.

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Preston Beach Lightning – Cluster of Bolts Ends the Show

After capturing images from Preston Beach, I rechecked the radar on my iPhone and saw an approaching rain storm was nearly upon us.  I quickly moved up to the top of the rock wall and positioned myself behind the old anchor for the last few shots. As the light had faded, I was able to leave the shutter open for much longer exposures and greatly increase my chance of capturing bolts of lightning.  During this exposure, I managed to capture a cluster of bolts situated in the same location and placed perfectly in relation to the old anchor.

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Preston Beach Lightning – Near Miss at Ram Island

Continuing with 'lightning week' on Wednesdays in Marblehead - here is an image of the opposite viewpoint as yesterday's capture of twin lightning bolts.  This image was taken 40 minutes after yesterday's as the storm moved across the horizon. The position of the lightning bolt makes it appear as if it just missed striking Ram Island.

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Preston Beach Lightning – Twin Bolts at Sunset

On Saturday night, a lightning storm took shape over Boston at 6:30pm.  I decided to head down to Preston Beach in the hopes of capturing some of the lightning bolts from a safe distance.  The storm ended up being a very active one and, despite many, many missed shots, I came home with a handful of images of lightning striking over the Atlantic Ocean. In this image, you can see twin bolts at sunset.  This was only a 0.4 second exposure which meant luck was firmly on my side in capturing the twin bolts.  You can just make out the [...]

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Waves and Mist at Preston Beach

On Saturday, September 27, Marblehead was treated to a warm up that made it feel like Summer again.  I went down to Phillips Beach in Swampscott with my wife and kids and decided to walk over to Preston Beach in Marblehead along the water as the tide began to roll out. As I looked back, I noticed the low lying mist that seemed to be coming from water evaporating from the warm sand.  The mist combined with the high tide made for an interesting scene and I bent low to capture it as a wave rolled to shore.

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Long Exposure – The Rocks at Preston Beach

Another Tuesday and another long exposure image.  This one was taken back in late May as the sun was setting.  I had been playing with various compositions and then tried this one at the end.  I allowed the exposure to go a bit longer than usual and ended up with almost no line between the water and sky at the horizon.  You can just barely make out the hint of it at the corners which makes for a pretty interesting image.  The strong textures on the rocks contrast nicely against the smoothness of the water in this 147 second exposure.

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Long Exposure – the Drain on Preston Beach

This Long Exposure Tuesday view comes from early September when a storm was churning off the coast and I headed out in search of big waves.  Those failed to appear but I hit Preston at high tide and decided to shoot some long exposure images instead.  This one at 25 seconds is relatively short but was enough to turn the incoming tide to a soft white cloud.  My favorite parts of the image are the rocks at the end of this drainage pipe and the ones to the left where the mist seems to encircle them.

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Long Exposure – Sit and Watch the Waves at Preston Beach

I told you that 'long exposure Tuesday' was back ; )  With the waves that came from an offshore storm in early September, I decided to head to Preston beach and see what I could do with the action at high tide.  As the waves weren't crashing as expected, I decided to change my approach and shoot long exposure images instead.  For this one, I found a chair (as well as socks, shoes and pants) facing the ocean and decided to use that as the focal point.  This is a relatively short 'long exposure' at only 15 seconds but it [...]

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