Early Summer Evening over Marblehead Harbor

As this post goes live, we should be seeing the first flakes of an expected 10-12" snowfall on this early February day.  I couldn't make up my mind about whether to share an image of snow or sun this morning and turned to my Facebook page for advice.  The response surprised me with a nearly even split.  In the end, the thought of being transported (if only for a moment) to a warmer day won out and I decided to share this image taken on June 3, 2013 at 7:18pm. So almost exactly 4 months from now, it's a warm [...]

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A Late Summer Day on Marblehead Harbor

I don't know about you but this Winter is getting old quick.  Between the snow, blizzard conditions and days on end that stayed below the freezing mark, this has the feel of a very long Winter...and it's only mid-January.  The mini 'warm up' these past two days has only left me thinking of Summer even more. I decided to look back in the archives for some warm images and wanted to share this one today.  First, the specifics - this image was taken on August 16 at 7:25pm.  I can't imaging light at 7:30pm but I can definitely feel the [...]

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Crocker Park on a Warm Summer Day

With Thursday's warm up, I felt some nostalgia for the just passed Summer and immediately jumped to this image in my archive.  This shot was taken on July 3rd while I was out scouting spots from which to shoot the fireworks.  We were in the midst of one of many heat waves and the temperature on this day hit a very muggy 89F.  Not unexpectedly the float at Crocker Park was packed and I decided to capture some images looking down on the scene from the walkway above. If you look closely (go to the full size image on the [...]

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The End of Summer in Marblehead

I was trying to decide on an image to share today and started looking at the 'to be posted' folder of images.  As I worked my way down the list with the windows open and the cool air coming in, I knew that I needed to find an image that exemplified the end of Summer in Marblehead.  Though the leaves have started to turn colors, this small burst of Summer-like weather had put me back in that frame of mind. As soon as I clicked on this image, I knew it would be perfect.  This was taken on July 31st [...]

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Summer in Marblehead – Jump In!

On Wednesday, July 3rd, I tasked myself with the job of deciding where to shoot this year's fireworks show.  I visited a number of spots including Gas House beach and Fort Sewall before revisiting Crocker Park (the site of last year's shoot).  While there, I noted some great clouds developing over the harbor and started photographing the harbor filled with boats under a beautiful sky.  It wasn't long before I started taking note of two kids who were scrambling up the 'bridge' connecting Crocker Park and the float below.  Each seemed to be trying to outdo the other with impressive [...]

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Summer Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

  I miss Summer sunsets.  There is something about the light that time of year that causes near explosions of color to take over the sky.  This is an image from June 2011 that has been waiting in the queue and was recently reprocessed to bring out more of the details in the boats and Abbot Hall in the distance.  The colors on this night just kept building the the point at which both the sky and water seemed to be on fire with deep oranges.  Hopefully the warmth of that night comes across the screen on this cold December [...]

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Bees Hard at Work

This image would likely scare a number of people (including a fair number of my patients).  As you can gather from this Sunflower Week, I'm a big fan of these flowers and the feeling they give that Summer has not yet ended.  For good or bad, my time spent shooting the flowers included waiting for bees to gather pollen and move away from the subject of my photo.  On a few occasions (such as the one above and the other below) I couldn't help but include the bee in the image. In the image above, you can clearly see the [...]

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On the Fence

So if you haven't guess yet, this is officially Sunflower Week on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  The last two days featured macro images cropped to square format and with varying color and black and white treatment.  Today's image features a single sunflower along the fence and comes from my new favorite patch in town. As I mentioned previously, I'm not much of a flower photographer with the exception of cherry blossoms in the Spring and sunflowers at the end of Summer.  There's something about the sunflower which arrives at the end of August as the days begin to shorten that offers [...]

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Keep it Local – Summer at the JCC Pool

On Sunday, I went for a bike ride with my son down the old rail trail.  On a whim, I decided to stop at the JCC and see if the pool had been filled yet.  It was a warm day with a strong sun and perfect skies and when I saw that blue water, I knew that Summer had arrived.  A bit of talking got me access and I set about trying to capture the feeling of setting your foot in the water for the first time in the season. For those who are not aware, the JCC offers a [...]

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