The Snow Moon sets over Old North Church

As the old saying goes, ‘what goes up, must come down’.  After shooting the Snow Moon rising the night before, I checked the weather conditions for the next morning and was pleased to see a forecast for clear skies.  I figured out where the moon would be setting and determined the best spot for capturing it setting near the Old North Church.

As I drove out in the early morning, I noticed the light cloud cover and hoped it wouldn’t interfere with the final shot.  When I set up near the lighthouse, I realized the clouds would blot out much of […]

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From the Rooftops – Winding down Washington Street

I continue to explore frames captured on New Year’s day from the top of Old North Church and wanted to share this one with you today.  This was taken very shortly after a landscape view that included the lighthouse.  In this portrait orientation, the houses and road become the focus rather than the other’s all-encompassing scene.  I love how the road leads the eye past one and two hundred year old houses to Little Harbor in the distance.

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From the Rooftops – From the Top of Old North Church

The new year began for me on the top of Old North Church.  Once we made our way onto a balcony outside of the bell tower, I noted these decorative posts dotting the balcony.  The view reminded me of one seen from Notre Dame of gargoyles watching down over the city with the Eiffel tower in the distance.  Seeing Abbot Hall in the far right edge of the scene cemented that image and I sought to capture the image with that in mind.  I took another set of pictures without the post but preferred this composition.

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From the Rooftops – Washington Street and the Lighthouse

As many of you know, I was fortunate to start the new year perched near the top of the Old North Church shooting the first sun rise of the year.  As excited as I was to capture a sunrise from this vantage point, I was even more excited for a fresh crop of ‘from the rooftops’ images.  I consider this one of the trifecta of ultimate rooftops on my list (the others being Marblehead Lighthouse and the very top of Abbot Tower).

After capturing the sun rising above the neck, I turned my attention to the beauty of Washington street below. […]

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Sunday Sunrise to Welcome in 2012

This is the first sunrise (and a Sunday sunrise to boot) of 2012 as seen from the steeple of the Old North Church.  To understand how this image came to be, we have to go back a few weeks to the Bus Stop.

I had set up in front of the Bus Stop for the annual Christmas Walk through the graciousness of Kathy.  It was there that I met Rhod Sharp and his wife who had stopped by to purchase a calendar.  We spoke at length about Marblehead (we’re both relative newcomers – he in 2007; I arrived in 2008) and, […]

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Along the Waterfront

Here is another view of the homes that line the harbor.  It’s one thing to see these beautiful homes along the water with their varying styles and colors.  It’s quite another to imagine the views they have looking out at the harbor, Neck and vast expanse of ocean beyond.

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Passing Front Street and the Old North Church

Continuing on our journey back from Childrens Island, we passed these beautiful homes on Front Street.  I had never seen these from the water before and they really are amazing.  The golden steeple of the Old North Church shines in the background and the few boats left in the harbor serve to balance out the scene.  The journey continues next week but a new view From the Rooftop will be posted tomorrow.

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