Pond Skating on New Years Day

I have had this image of pond skating at Redd's in mind for years and was so thrilled to have finally captured it. In 2010, Vincent Laforet captured an aerial image of skaters at Rockefeller center from a helicopter and what struck me about the shot was the shadows telling the story of what each skater was doing. I considered hiring my own helicopter or plane for a similar image over Redds Pond but that held too many complications and variables.  A few years ago, drones came on the market but the early ones had cameras better suited for video [...]

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Goodnight 2017 – Frozen New Years Eve Sunset

This was truly a frozen New Years Eve sunset as I braved an insanely cold wind coming off the frozen harbor to capture my last sunset of 2017.  I decided to head out in part to capture the chunks of ice that had formed along this part of the harbor and hoped the clouds would break for a nice sunset to help say 'Goodnight 2017'. I started off shooting around 3:40pm and only lasted 10 minutes before the cold forced me to retreat into the car.  Despite dressing warmly in multiple layers, the 20 mph winds (and -15F wind chills) [...]

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Top 10 of 2017 – #7 Perfect Morning at Redd’s Pond

When it came time to decide on my top 10 images of 2017, I found myself eyeing several recent images for inclusion and ended up with 4 of the top 10 having been taken in December.  I can't decide if that is due to some bias on my end to favor photos taken recently and thereby still holding strong memories of the shoot or a unique effect this year with some truly picture perfect conditions. For #7, I decided on this photos of a truly perfect morning at Redd's Pond.  I've captured Redd's partially frozen before but never with such [...]

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Perfect Morning at Redds Pond

As I went to bed on Saturday night, I looked out the window and noted the freshly fallen snow was sticking firmly to the tree branches with very little wind that might ruin the effect by morning.  With that in mind, I set an alarm hoping for a few snow-filled scenes to shoot on what promised to be a perfect morning. I was out of the house by 6:30am and headed straight to Little Harbor to see what the Peach's boat looked like with some snow atop the small Christmas tree. The view did not disappoint and I shot a [...]

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First Freeze at Redd’s Pond

I went out last night with camera and drone in hand hoping for good light at sunset to capture aerial views of Marblehead.  I decided to try my luck at Redd's Pond and was disappointed with the light but happy to find the first freeze of the season had created a perfect layer of ice above the water.  While the ice wasn't thick enough to stand on, it did serve as a beautifully reflective surface and, as luck would have it, a Christmas tree was glowing in the window of one of the red houses across the pond. With the [...]

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A Nearly Frozen Redd’s Pond

Most years, Redd's Pond is frozen during the month of January and makes for a perfect spot to lace up skates and fly across the pond with family and friends.  This year's very mild January meant that Redd's Pond never fully froze and those picturesque scenes never materialized. I drove to Redd's Pond on January 24th after a brief cold snap to check the status of the pond and found a beautiful scene before me.  The water seemed to be caught in stages of freezing but hadn't quite made it all the way to the middle.  You can see a [...]

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Top 10 of 2015 – Docked in a Frozen Marblehead Harbor

It's easy to look back on the incredible Winter of 2014/2015 now with near fondness considering the amazingly mild Winter that we have had thus far this year.  On February 18, I ventured out at dawn to capture a frozen Marblehead Harbor.  We had deep freeze conditions for weeks and no snow leading to a perfectly frozen surface on the harbor.  With the Boston Yacht Club dock and clubhouse anchored in the ice, the composition was too good to pass up. You can make out fine detail in the ice which served to reflect the light of the rising sun [...]

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Frozen Reflection at Redd’s Pond

It seems like forever since the ice at Redd's Pond has been visible, let alone skate-able.  Before all of this snow, we actually had perfect conditions for ice formation and I took my kids to skate on Redd's Pond on several occasions. This image comes from New Years Day when I returned to Redd's Pond to find it empty near sunset with great light reflecting off the red house named Pond View and Old Burial Hill.  The ice acted as a mirror to perfectly reflect the house, light and clouds with the setting moon just visible.  The seams in the ice added [...]

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On Frozen Harbor

On Wednesday, February 18, I headed down to Marblehead Harbor to capture images of it frozen over after a near-record 15 days of below freezing temperatures.  What struck me most were the intricate textures and designs that had formed in the ice. I've shared some images from this outing but, in this one, I decided to use a vertical composition and processed it in black and white to help highlight the textures and patterns in the frozen harbor.

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Stuck in a Frozen Marblehead Harbor

On Wednesday, I headed out at sunrise to capture images of Marblehead Harbor frozen from the arctic cold that has held strong for much of the past month.  I began by shooting from the mainland but then decided to drive across the causeway for images of the working boats now stuck in a frozen Marblehead harbor. I've never seen this much ice in Marblehead harbor before and, while nowhere near the thickness of ice in images from the 1970's, it made for an awesome sight.  I decided to compose this image with Abbot Hall, St. Michaels and Grace Community Church visible [...]

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