The Supermoon Sets over Abbot Hall

First, I want to thank everyone for the incredible response to last week's post.  There are two more shots from the rise of the supermoon over Marblehead neck and the harbor posted below. Just as I had planned out the location for the rise of the supermoon, I also charted its descent.  Turns out it would fall right next to Abbot hall the next morning.  I got up early and made my way to Chandler Hovey park setting up at its outermost point.  I watched the moon fall as the sun rose and the two met in perfect concert just [...]

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Keep to the Left

This image was taken as I was exploring Abbot Hall a few weeks ago in hopes of shooting the now removed stained glass panels.  Made my way up to the balcony and was struck by the history of this location and that fading hand directing me to the left. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 10-22 lens.  6 exposure bracket.

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From the Attic of Abbot Hall

Last week I decided to shoot the stained glass window at Abbot before it was removed for renovation.  Turns out I was a week late and will have to wait til Spring to take a picture of the restored glass.  While scouting out other shots, I befriended a caretaker of the building and was invited up to the attic for a rare view from the windows there.  We chatted for a bit as I shot out of two windows.  In this one, you can just make out the lighthouse in the harbor.  Unfortunately, the sky was a bright gray but [...]

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Hockey Night at Redds Pond

A picturesque frozen pond and kids playing a pick-up game of really can't ask for a more quintessential New England scene!  I took my kids skating for their first time on Redds earlier in the day and promptly went out to purchase my first pair of skates (no real need for those when you grow up in LA).  I returned for a few practice runs on the pond and found this pickup game in process.  Grabbed the camera and shot a few frames.  This image had a very classic, timeless feel to it so I decided to make it [...]

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Goodbye YMCA

The 'old' YMCA was demolished this week to make room for new condominiums in town.  The Y opened in 1910 making it the oldest one on the North Shore.  It cared for a century of children in Marblehead but closed before I moved to town.  I had a chance to watch the demolition on Wednesday morning and snuck around to the side as the crew worked.  I found this still-standing door leading into the rays of light that were reflecting off the equipement and made stronger by the dust and debris in the air.  Seemed a perfect tribute to some [...]

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The Christmas Tree at Abbot Hall

Happy Holidays!  The Christmas tree at Abbot Hall is lit as part of Marblehead's Christmas Walk.  I missed the actual lighting but added this to my list of shots to post on the blog.  It ended up being tough to find a time that was still enough for the lights to come out sharp and without motion artifacts.  On this day, I showed up at Abbot Hall at 3:30 and waited impatiently until the lights flickered on.  Shot this as an HDR to bring out the texture in the tree, the detail in the lights and the beauty of Abbot [...]

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Old Town House

The parking ban went into effect over the Thanksgiving weekend and I took advantage of the empty streets early Tuesday morning to shoot the Old Town House.  I'm sure this building has been photographed thousands of times and I sought to add a slightly different perspective.  I love how the house stands on its own in its brilliant yellow coat.  The wreaths on the door add a nice festive touch. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 10-22 lens.  6 bracket exposure.

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In Defense of the Union

The next stop (literally) on my photowalk on Pleasant Street was Memorial Park.  I couldn't find when this park was erected but the center piece is in memory of those who fell in the Civil War and was erected on July 4, 1876.  Wish I had the chance to shoot this one in time for Veteran's Day! I got here just as the sun lay in back of the obelisk.  I chose a small aperture to turn the sun to a star and placed its edge along the memorial. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 10-22 lens.  6 bracket exposure.

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The Warwick

It's Pleasant Street week on Wednesdays in Marblehead!  I had a chance to do a photowalk this Sunday (I know, wrong day) and started with a drive down Pleasant street.  While I've made the drive countless times, I did so this time with a different perspective.  I was thrilled to see the Warwick without its usual parked cars in front and spent some time shooting the old theater. I looked up the Warwick and was fascinated to read its story: opened in 1917 and family-owned until closing in 1999.  There is a movement under way to bring back the Warwick [...]

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