Old North Church

Historic Downtown from the Rooftops of Abbot Hall

Can you believe this image of historic downtown from atop Abbot Hall was taken in early December?  I can only imagine the view now with snow as far as the eye can see. I continue to feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to capture our town from this unique vantage point atop the scaffolding that encircled Abbot Hall during its much needed renovations. This view of historic downtown from atop Abbot Hall features the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, St. Michael's, Grace Community and Old North Church as well as a number of stores along Washington Street.

From the Rooftops – The Three Steeples

I have shared two images from this newest location of my From the Rooftops series - St. Micheal's Church.  I was fortunate to be invited to the top of the scaffolding at sunset and even more so to have great light with which to capture the scenes before me. One of the first things I noticed was the view of Grace Community Church and I started to photograph its familiar structure only to then note that I could include Old North Church's steeple as well.  It was only after walking near the edge of the scaffolding that I found this [...]

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Sundog over Marblehead Harbor

On Sunday, June 8, I had headed out to Chandler Hovey Park before sunset to see if I could find some new compositions on that familiar ground.  As I arrived, I spotted a sundog to the left of the setting sun and quickly tried to find a good way to capture the usually fleeting rainbow-like effect. Normally, I would have composed an image to include the full expanse of Marblehead Harbor but with Abbot Hall's current red drape and scaffolding, I decided to look for a new way to showcase the sundog over Marblehead Harbor. I ended up liking this [...]

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Sunset over Marblehead and some Creative License

When working on images of Marblehead, I allow myself some creative license in cloning out elements that are distracting to the scene.  This might mean filling in a bald patch of grass, removing litter that I hadn't spotted at the time to physically pick up or, in the case of the harbor, removing buoys and mooring markers.  While a filled harbor will remain untouched by my clone brush, an empty or not-yet-filled one often looks better after removing many of these markers. In the case of this image, there was one other element that I felt justified in removing - [...]

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Rays of Light over Marblehead

On Saturday, the first Arts Fusion event took place at Abbot Hall as a fundraiser for the Marblehead Art Association and Marblehead Festival of Arts.  I had donated a framed print and copy of my to-be-published book and was excited to see the work on display. Before heading over there though, I noted clouds forming over the town and they seemed to be breaking up just enough to let some rays of light pass through.  I decided to drive out to Marblehead Neck to see if my hunch was right and discovered this scene from a vantage point on Corinthian [...]

Dawn of a New Year in Marblehead

2012 began with a sunrise shoot from the roof of the Old North Church.  It was therefore with a sense of symmetry and a feeling of starting a new tradition, that I climbed the steps of St Michaels Church to shoot sunrise on January 1st, 2013.  Unfortunately, the conditions did not permit a shoot from the top of the steeple.  I'll share one image from that outing tomorrow.  I did finish up there just in time to head down to the water and try for a sunrise from a new location. I parked at The Landing and walked along the [...]

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From the Rooftops – The Cupola of Old North Church

It has been almost exactly one year since I made the trek up to the top of the Old North Church with Rhod Sharp.  It was New Years Day of 2012 when we climbed up to the cupola...only to find the interior fogged.  While Rhod managed to find a way out at the balcony below, I shot two images of the interior under dawn's light.  I shared the first a while back but decided to bring this image out as the New Year approaches. This will be my last image shared in 2012.  Come back to the page for my [...]

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Old Norths Bell

So this one is a rooftop view by technicality (but I was running low on material for this theme).  When we made our way up (and out) of the Old North Church's cupola, we passed this great old bell and I just had to grab an image of it.  The bell is huge and imposing - even more so with the welded seams underneath.  When I came home and examined the image up close, I could just make out H.N. Hooper & Co Boston, MA.  When I looked that up, I became more intrigued. From the Wikipedia entry: Henry Northey [...]

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From the Rooftops – the Cupola of Old North Church

I hope you are not tiring of these rooftop views courtesy of the Old North Church.  I had such an incredible time that morning and get to relive it each time I share another image from that adventure.  When Rhod and I first ventured up before sunrise, we went straight to the cupola and found that the windows had frosted overnight.  This was almost the end to our outing but Rhod managed a MacGyver-esque save that got us an even better view. While he worked with a flashlight and scissors a floor below, I got to work shooting the interior [...]

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From the Rooftops – Washington Street and Abbot Hall

Back to Old North Church for another view of the sunrise from the rooftops.  This is one of a series of images taken on January 1st, 2012 as I welcomed the new year with Rhod Sharp on the cupola of the Old North Church.  I've shown views looking down Washington Street towards Little Harbor, Gerry Island and the Lighthouse previously.  This one looks back up toward Old Town and Abbot Hall.  The architecture of these old houses makes it easy for the eye to slowly walk up the street toward Abbot Hall in the distance.

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