Riverhead beach

Golden Water of Riverhead Beach

On Thursday, June 23rd, my wife, daughter and I took our new dog to walk the causeway.  While they ate ice cream from Lime Rickeys, I held a leash in one hand and my camera in the other.  It wasn't long before the sun dipped below a cluster of clouds and began to spill its light painting the water of Riverhead Beach in a golden hue. I quickly handed off the leash and crossed the causeway to get a better vantage point.  I tried to include as much sky as the lens would allow while still capturing the golden water [...]

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Pink Sky over Riverhead Beach

Last night, I headed out just before sunset on a bit of a hunch and with a particular destination in mind.  I had met someone recently who inquired about my shooting from her home of 24 years that they had recently sold.  After discussing a bit about the property, I promised I would do my best to capture an image with which to remember this house with a view of Marblehead Harbor. I ended up shooting a few scenes from the cupola of her home while we talked and kept my eye on a particular cloud that shifted just out of [...]

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Riverhead Beach – Choppy Water Reflecting a Cloudy Sky

On Friday night, I returned home from work and ate dinner with my family before my wife and daughter headed off to her last soccer practice.  My son and I were home with the new puppy and I kept looking up at the sky as clouds broke up and promised a nice sunset.  With my wife on her way home, I left the puppy in my son's care and headed off toward the causeway. I wasn't sure where I would shoot from as I crossed the causeway and looked to my left and behind me.  On a whim, I parked [...]

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Bathing in the Light

Only a few minutes after capturing yesterday's image, a golden retriever came onto Riverhead Beach with its owner in tow.  He (or she) walked without hesitation to the water's edge and into the very cold water of the harbor.  As the golden retriever passed under the light of the slowly setting sun, I captured this frame featuring the dog quite literally bathing in the light of the sun with the lamp posts of the causeway above. I hope the owner doesn't mind that I took a bit of creative license in cloning her out of the final image.  I thought [...]

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Dune Grass at Riverhead Beach

I had gone out to chase a sunset on Saturday, December 19 and found myself at Riverhead Beach marveling at the height and extent of the dune grass.  I don't remember it ever looking as lush as that seen on the Cape and decided to find a composition that would do the scene some justice. I walked down towards the causeway and found this dense section where no sand could be seen.  I set up the tripod lower to the ground and captured this image just as the last rays of the sun were reflecting off the houses on Marblehead [...]

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The Christmas Tree Bonfire – A Tradition Resumes

The Christmas tree bonfire took place tonight on Riverhead Beach in a return of a long-standing tradition.  The bonfire was an annual event that took place on Epiphany but was stopped when the new causeway was built.  As it happened, the last bonfire took place immediately before we moved to Marblehead and I had never had a chance to witness (or photograph) the tradition. With that in mind, and as this year's bonfire happened to fall on a Wednesday, I was all set to capture an image of hundreds of trees set aflame.  I started shooting above the crowd but [...]

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Frozen Tundra at Riverhead Beach

On Sunday night, I had decided to head out to capture the sunset as a snowstorm departed and truly arctic cold descended on Marblehead.  The wind chill promised to drive temperatures to their lowest point in the past twenty years and so I promptly headed to the causeway where there would be no protection from the wind and cold... As soon as I arrived on Ocean Avenue, I turned toward Riverbed Beach where the last rays of sunlight were bathing the frozen tundra before me.  After carefully negotiating huge drifts of snow, I found this scene before me of snow and [...]

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Pink Sunset from Riverhead Beach

I've shared quite a few images from this photo shoot that took place during an unusually low tide on September 9th including having devoted a week to five of my favorites.  I said I wasn't done sharing and, as you can see, there are a few more images in which I was treated to incredible light over both sides of the Marblehead causeway. In this image, I had taken position along the edge of the causeway abutting Riverhead Beach.  The clouds had formed into streaks that reflected the pink colors of sunset over a full harbor with both Abbot Hall [...]

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Riverhead Beach

Continuing from Friday's introduction to this week's theme, here is the wider view of Riverhead beach.  You can see the float that I had stood on for the earlier image in the center of the frame and hopefully appreciate just how low the tide had been to allow me to walk along Riverhead beach to the water's edge. From here, I had quickly returned to the causeway where I captured this image and then turned my attention to Devereux Beach...  Come back tomorrow for that image.

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Out for a Paddle in Marblehead Harbor

On Wednesday, July 30th I was out on the causeway waiting to cheer on a limousine as it drove around Marblehead and found myself staring at some beautiful cloud formations over Abbot Hall.  By now the tower of Abbot had been adorned with a big 'M' and so I was in search of new vantage points from which to capture the school symbol and colors. As I decided on the best location for this composition, a woman got on to a stand up paddle board from Riverhead Beach and went out for a paddle in Marblehead Harbor.  The water was [...]

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