July Fourth Harbor Illumination

I've said it before but it bears repeating, my favorite part of the annual Independence Day celebration in Marblehead is the July fourth harbor illumination. In 2015, I had set up along Corinthian Lane and captured this 160 megapixel panorama of the entirety of Marblehead harbor lit with flares. The resolution on this image is incredible with 1:1 views showing people at Crocker Park! Hope you have a good spot picked out to celebrate the Fourth of July in Marblehead.

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Doliber Sunrise

On July 1, 2015, I headed out to Doliber Cove at sunrise hoping for a solid showing. I arrived just after 5am and found perfect cloud cover from this spot along Beacon Street from which I composed this panorama to encompass the whole of Doliber Cove, Grace Oliver Beach and Brown's Island.  I lucked out with this 'Doliber sunrise' and shared one image from the shoot as soon as I returned home. This panorama took a bit more work and ended up relegated to the 'To be Published' folder for exactly 4 years as the harbor illumination and fireworks show [...]

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Empty Harbor 3 – Panorama

On Sunday, I headed out to capture scenes of Marblehead's empty harbor but, with my longest lens on, found I couldn't quite fit the entirety of the scene before me in one shot. I quickly decided to flip the camera and capture this 12-shot panorama that takes in the full length from Abbot Hall and the BYC to the State Street Landing. Without a single boat in the water, the numerous moorings created a nice visual to break up the water and I lucked out with the soft clouds overhead.

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Full Harbor for the Fourth of July

Another funny story (to borrow the intro from last week's image of kids on the boat) - my wife and I went out for dinner a few nights ago and, while eating, caught the words 'Wednesdays in Marblehead' coming from the table next to us. The group said some incredibly flattering things and my wife and I tried to figure out if/when to introduce ourselves but between the food and changes in conversation, the timing didn't seem right. I did catch one comment that I have been mulling over since then - there were mixed feelings on the drone/aerial images. [...]

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Sunset Panorama – Corinthian Lane

I missed a pretty nice sunset the other night and had been disappointed until I looked into my 'to be posted' folder and found this beauty from September 2016. I can still remember the feeling of being out on Corinthian Lane and capturing shot after shot during a sunset that only got stronger with each passing minute. At its peak, I decided to try to capture the full view in this sunset panorama that takes in the whole of the harbor, Marblehead's skyline and parts of the Neck as well.

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Castle under the Clouds on Marblehead neck

Yesterday afternoon offered picture perfect conditions for aerial imagery of Marblehead Neck and I was fortunate to have taken the day off from work to capture the views.  I watched as the clouds filled in and then broke apart in the early morning hours and left the house a little after 11:00am to explore the possible images. I stopped at Desmoulin Lane at first and flew off shore but quickly decided that the clouds favored compositions from Castle Rock.  I drove there and flew again to find this incredible view of Marblehead Neck laid out before me. I doubt that [...]

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Summer Days on Little Harbor

The past few days have served as a very welcome reprieve from the cold and rainy Spring that didn't seem like it would ever end.  We finished off Sunday at Preston Beach and I returned home in the mood to share an image that would convey the feel of Summer Days in Marblehead. I found a few candidates but decided on this panorama captured in August 2015 that I've never shared.  When I arrived at the small boat yard at the end of Doaks Lane, I found this picture perfect scene before me.  I ended up making my way to [...]

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Black Joe’s Pond

I've only captured two images of Black Joe's Pond in all these years of shooting landscapes in Marblehead and, as soon as I purchased my aerial camera (Phantom 4 Pro), I knew I would try to find a new angle on this great pond.  As it happened, we had picture perfect conditions on a recent Sunday in May and I headed out to Gingerbread Hill to scout out possible locations.  I ended up parking along Norman Street and then took off over dense foliage to find an interesting composition. Once I was up in the air, I found too many different viewpoints [...]

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Old Town Sunset – Aerial Panorama of historic downtown Marblehead

On Wednesdays, March 29th, the dense clouds covering Marblehead for most of the day finally began to break as the day neared its end.  I hadn't flown my Phantom 4 Pro in a few weeks due to rain, clouds and otherwise terrible lighting.  When I finally made it up in the air, I knew the lighting on this night was going to be pretty special and ended up with a spectacular view of an Old Town sunset. I explored a few vantage points as I flew over Marblehead and fought the building wind as I chased the light.  I found [...]

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Breathtaking View from Corinthian Lane

After six years of capturing images of Marblehead, I had started to wonder if Marblehead could still surprise me with her beauty and then the sunset of September 20th proved that it absolutely could.  I had gone out that night hoping for good light and ended up at Corinthian Lane on a whim.  That decision paid off as one of the most vibrant (and longest lasting) sunsets I had ever witnessed took shape over Marblehead Harbor. I've shared a few shots from this evening already and have many more favorites yet to share as the light continued to change and [...]

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