Marblehead Rock under an Orange Sky

As dawn broke on October 16, I was surprised to find a brilliant display of color looking East as the weather forecast had called for clear skies.  I was counting on a clear sky for the moonset I shot a few minutes later but was thankful for this display as I waited for the moon to descend. I've shot Marblehead Rock at dawn and sunrise before but found the striations of color behind it mesmerizing and couldn't help one more view.  I decided to shoot this as a panorama of vertical images which, when combined, created an 88 megapixel final [...]

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Framing the Sunset on Parker Lane

On Monday July 18th, I had returned home from work to find that my kids had been invited out for dinner and my wife was holding down the fort.  We had a few thunderstorms pass to the north and south earlier in the day and another band was making its way but likely would break up before dropping any rain (the story of this Summer).  With no kids to take care of, I decided to run out and see if the coming storm might mean some good light at sunset. As I drove, I checked the clouds on either side [...]

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Summer Dawn at Redd’s Pond

Today's image was taken at dawn on July 1st, 2015.  I had woken up early in order to shoot the dawn breaking over Doliber Cove and then quickly drove over to Redd's Pond when I noticed the clouds reflecting that morning light. I shared another image from this morning shortly after taking it but had created this panorama version as well.  Though the pink light of dawn was more vibrant in the single frame, there was something about capturing the full length of this pond that appealed to me.

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On the Rocks at Chandler Hovey Park

I hope no one is tired of images taken on Tuesday, June 9th yet.  I've shared six images from this one outing so far and all have differed by the quality of light, the composition or location. Shortly after I arrived at Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted a rainbow positioned southeast of the lighthouse.  The location made compositions tricky even with my widest angle lens.  I took a few photos from the edge of the park where the rocks form a cliff-like structure leading into the waters of Marblehead Harbor.  From there, I quickly explored other spots near the waters edge. [...]

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Under the Milky Way at Castle Rock

On Saturday at 2:30am, I left the house in hopes of capturing the Milky Way over Marblehead.  I started off by heading to Fort Sewall and already shared an image of the Milky Way over the harbor, neck and Marblehead Light's green beacon.  Once I finished there, I headed across the causeway hoping to find a spot with less light pollution. I ended up at Castle Rock at 4:00am and set about trying a few compositions.  A standard horizontal image couldn't quite take in the enormity of the scene so I rotated the camera and took seven vertical images that [...]

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The Long View at Redd’s Pond

In late September, I had been scouting scenes of Fall foliage around Marblehead when I came down from Old Burial Hill and looked out at this long view at Redd's pond. The final image is a result of a seven shot panorama taken from the far end of Redd's pond.  Hope you enjoy this unique vantage point.

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Harbor Illumination

A gigapixel view of the Marblehead Harbor Illumination iPhone/iPad users - click the grey title bar for an iPhone friendly version (pinch to zoom that one). Before the fireworks began, I had another image in mind and carefully setup to try to achieve what you see above. I photographed the Marblehead harbor illumination at a focal length of 105mm (approximately 4x zoom equivalent) using 28 vertical images. The combined image is a staggering 325 megapixels. I then uploaded it to Gigapan and embedded their viewer above. By using the controls, you can zoom in as far as you want and [...]

First Sunset in Marblehead

This will serve a bit as a 'where I started' post.  As many of you know, we moved to Marblehead in May 2008 so that I could start work as an Allergist at the Asthma and Allergy Affiliates in Salem and Danvers.  We had just gotten here from Washington, DC where I had been working and moved to a rental house off Village street.  My wife had found the house and I had only seen it once.  On this night, one of the very first spent here, I witnessed the first of many beautiful sunsets. As it began to take [...]

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