Opening Act for the Fourth

On the Fourth of July, I had decided to set up along Fort Beach for the harbor illumination and fireworks show. I arrived with plenty of time to explore options along the rocks and made sure to race back up to Front Street as a subtle sunset formed between Fort Sewall and Marblehead Light.  There was just enough water to reflect the pink hues. Unfortunately, this angle highlights the missing tree lost to a storm several years ago.

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Ready to Launch

So 12 minutes after Monday's image of that golden sunset light, the sky had transformed into a pastel pink hue that was strongest in the opposite direction. I was standing on the float at the end of the Pleon Yacht Club from where I had a perfect angle on these two launch boats belonging to the Eastern. The boats were awaiting some members who were just out of the frame at this point and seemingly headed out to their boat to enjoy the light and warm temperatures on this summer evening.

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Sunset Reflections at the BYC

Just imagine having to sit through dinner at the BYC with me while this sky was taking shape over Marblehead Harbor... Thankfully, our hosts have known me since the day we moved to Marblehead in May 2008 and both they and my wife gave their approval every time I looked out over the water. For this shot, I decided to move the camera just above water level to maximize the sunset reflections in the calm harbor water.

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Golden Light on Boden Beach

When I headed across the causeway to the Neck on Tuesday, July 12th, I had hoped for a decent sunset and lucked out with some great light that went through a number of shades as I moved around on the Pleon Yacht Club pier. This shot was the start of that night and I decided to compose the shot wide enough to include the golden light reflecting on the waters at this private beach. I wondered about the name of it and found a reference to Boden Beach on Google Maps. Since it's a private beach, I'm guessing the one [...]

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Red Sky at Night

On Tuesday, July 12th, I had made my way to Devereux Beach as sunset approached with an eye on capturing the full buck moon rising. Though not full until the following day, the timing of the moonrise was preferable on Tuesday.  However, once I reached the beach, I found the cloud cover too thick for hopes of a moonrise and quickly decided to try for a sunset instead as the clouds held some promise. I stopped at a few locations before turning down Foster Street and making my way to the Pleon pier from which I wandered a bit further [...]

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Sunset Cannon at the BYC

Thursday turned out to be a great day in Marblehead. I had switched my day off and my wife and I were invited out to a short cruise out of the BYC by our friends and former neighbors. We had a quick trip out of the harbor and a faster return (wine glasses were forgotten) but the light was absolutely perfect and I came away with about 20 keepers that I'll have to share in the weeks to come (at least one or two this week too). After the cruise, we ate dinner and I excused myself as a nice [...]

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Feast for the Eyes at the Neck Run Cafe

And now a visit back to that incredible sunset from June 27th. This night started with rainbows over the ocean and then I was greeted to this awesome display as I turned back to the car. I shot one image of the lifeguard chair and then moved over to compose this image of the Neck Run Cafe. My family has been known to make fun of me for some of my cheesier titles so this one is for them - 'Feast for the Eyes at the Neck Run Cafe'.

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Lighthouse Sunset

On July 2nd, I had made my way to Chandler Hovey Park to capture a promising sunset. I shot from the edge of the park where the cliff faces Cove Beach and then turned towards my car as the light faded. As usual, I looked back one last time before calling it a night and saw this composition. I used my widest lens to take in the view of Marblehead Light, the flagpole and that weather battered tree while making sure to capture as much of the sky as possible. The lights around the lighthouse set up for the Independence [...]

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Devereux Beach under an Awesome Sky

On Tuesday night, an incredible sunset formed over Marblehead. I had made my way to Devereux Beach and was focused on capturing the rainbow and golden clouds over the Atlantic Ocean but, once those began to fade, turned and saw this scene.  I quickly ran across the sand to compose this shot using the lifeguard chair as the focal point and adjusting my position to place the red chair above the horizon. With the playground in the distance, the beach is instantly recognizable and the sand served to bring added oranges and reds to the otherwise boring ground cover.

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Golden Rainbow

As I drove home from a quick dessert run to Crosby's with my daughter, we argued over whether the sunset might be nice tonight. I thought there was a chance for nice color but wasn't sure and hadn't loaded the car in either case. I happened to be doing a quick favor for a friend and walked out of the house to return her updated camera when I spotted the pink sky and ran back into the house for my gear. I made a quick stop to drop her camera then drove across the causeway only to realize my mistake [...]

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