Marblehead Lighthouse in the Snow

As the last week of 2011 begins, I have pulled this photo from the archive to show a snow covered Marblehead.  This was taken on December 31st, 2009 after a snow blanketed the town.  I headed down to Front Street beach and was fortunate that the tide had not yet removed the snow from the nearby rocks.  The holiday lights decorating the lighthouse seem to blaze in the early evening night. Happy Holidays!

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Lobster Trap Tree Lighting at Mud Puddle Toys

In keeping with this week's holiday lights theme, here is a photo taken in front of Mud Puddle Toys.  On December, 2nd, shortly after the town's tree lighting, I made my way over to historic downtown Marblehead to witness the annual Lobster Trap Tree lighting at Mud Puddle Toys.  I had missed this tradition my first two years in town and was happy to have made it down to experience this scene.  The Glover's Regiment troop sang sea shanties while the tree was lit and a crowd gathered.  If you haven't seen and heard this in person, make sure you do [...]

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Lighting up Old Town House

Old Town House was decorated with lights on its front and back entrances so I decided to head down and try to photograph the festive scene.  With the sun setting at 4pm, however, I had a hard time getting a shot in as the light faded and cars zoomed by.  I decided to make the most of the situation and lengthened the exposure time to capture the cars zooming around Old Town House.  The headlights serve as a nice accent to the already picturesque scene. Rooftop Thursdays will return next week.  Just wanted to keep the holiday light them going [...]

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The Cul de Sac of Lights

Riverside drive has one of the most incredible light displays I have ever seen.  I made my way to the street in mid December hoping to catch a street without cars and aiming to be there before the caravan of cars made it down.  I was in luck and tried numerous angles to capture the light display but none seemed to capture the magic and awe of the display. I decided that the cul de sac would make for a perfect Holiday Planet and thus shot a 360 degree panorama.  17 shots later, I had my starting material.  I ended [...]

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Open Seating at Sunset

I couldn't resist another view of the lighthouse lit up for the holidays.  After taking yesterday's shot, I walked back towards the car and looked over my shoulder to see what the scene looked like.  The composition of the lighthouse with its extra lights, the lone tree and Abbot Hall across the harbor was too good to pass up (despite the freezing cold).  I stood on a small rock formation and grabbed this image. You might notice in this image and yesterday's that something is conspicuously absent.  I'll leave it to the comment section to see if anyone picks up [...]

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The Lighthouse Decked out in Lights

This weekend, the Rotarians ventured up the steps of the lighthouse and decorated it with Christmas lights.  I decided to head up to Chandler Hovey park at sunset on Sunday and photograph the lights as the sun set.  I was hoping for a cloudless night with subtle colors and was not disappointed.  I was also hoping for a still and not too cold evening - I got the first but it was really, really cold out there tonight.  The lights will stay up for the next two weeks or so - make sure you make it out to enjoy this [...]

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The Christmas Tree at Abbot Hall

Happy Holidays!  The Christmas tree at Abbot Hall is lit as part of Marblehead's Christmas Walk.  I missed the actual lighting but added this to my list of shots to post on the blog.  It ended up being tough to find a time that was still enough for the lights to come out sharp and without motion artifacts.  On this day, I showed up at Abbot Hall at 3:30 and waited impatiently until the lights flickered on.  Shot this as an HDR to bring out the texture in the tree, the detail in the lights and the beauty of Abbot [...]

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