Marblehead at the End of the Rainbow

Anyone remember that incredible rainbow that shone on June 17th?  If not, click here to see the full double rainbow over Ram's island LINK. After capturing the full rainbow, I recomposed looking for other unique scenes with the bright rainbow only partially in the frame.  This image of the house at the end of a cliff with the brightest part of the double rainbow caught my eye but has been waiting in the 'to be posted' queue for almost two months now.  Here it is now to mark the end of my third year posting photos on Wednesdays in Marblehead. Come [...]

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Spring Comes to Washington Street

Last week, I shared images taken at Harris Street cemetery and remarked that those three trees might have taken the title from my previous 'favorite tree' in town.   Three days after taking those images and, appropriately enough, on a Wednesday, I drove up Washington Street and saw 'my' tree in full bloom. I pulled over and marveled at the tree in its setting with incredible light coming down in the late afternoon.  The only problem was the very large truck blocking half of the view.  I realized that the house was undergoing some renovations and knocked on the door [...]

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Day 2 – The Old House and The Sea

By Thursday, March 7th, the storm was really starting to show off its power.  I again headed out at high tide hoping to capture some of the ocean's strength on camera.  I previously shared an image taken at Devereux Beach of a wave cresting over the causeway (LINK if you missed it).  After getting that shot, I headed over to Lovis Cove planning to shoot The Barnacle getting hit by waves. I have captured some amazing waves hitting the Barnacle previously and was equally impressed by the ocean's power on this day.  However, after getting those images (I'll share them [...]

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Dawn Lights Up Fort Sewall

Two weeks ago, I ventured out at dawn in hopes of a nice sunrise from Front Street and Fort Sewall.  I made my way down there at 5:30 in the morning and ventured out of the car (and into the cold) once the first light appeared at the horizon.  I started off with this image of the houses that abut the Fort and the great tree that marks this part of town.  There were just enough clouds at the horizon to capture the colors of dawn which also reflected off the windows of the house.  The long exposure required due [...]

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The Harvest Moon Rises over Redds Pond

Here's another shot from the archive, this time from mid October 2011.  On the same night that I took this image of the harvest moon and Abbot hall (click to view), I ended up with another great opportunity to shoot this full moon.  I drove back through town literally chasing the moon as I went and somehow found myself at Redd's pond.  By that point the moon had risen high enough to clear the trees and was positioned immediately over the Pond View house across the water. As luck would have it, the resident of the house must have just [...]

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Greystone Beach After the Storm

For the past few days now, I've been chasing Sandy's effects both during and after the storm's peak.  I had a feeling that one of these mornings might prove to be a decent one for a sunrise shoot and realized that this morning was just the one.  On Wednesday, I looked out and noted some nice clouds and a touch of pink in the sky.  I quickly got into the car and drove off only to turn around when I realized I had forgotten my tripod! I finally made it out and realized the light was changing fast.  Did a [...]

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Flower Boxes on Ocean Avenue

I wonder how many of my viewers will instantly recognize these three flower boxes that adorn the back of a house facing Ocean Avenue.  I've passed this house numerous times and would frequently catch myself gazing at the flower boxes decorating the back section.  On this day, the impatiens (I had to ask my wife for the name of these purple flowers) seemed to complement the colors of the house especially well and I decided to try to photograph them in a unique way.  I ended up shooting at a wide open aperture of f/1.8 which allowed me to focus [...]

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Purple Streaks of Sunset

As I mentioned in last Wednesday's post [LINK] I went out on August 21st under lackluster appearing conditions hoping against hope for a decent sunset.  I setup at the pier where the Pleon Yacht club resides and looked on as the clouds began to take shape and break into wisps from the gray mass they had formed earlier that evening.  I began by shooting toward the lighthouse.  After getting the shot I posted last week full of pinks, I turned and saw this... The streaks in the sky were incredible and seemed to be emanating from this house on the [...]

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Patriotism on Washington Street

During the Festival of Arts weekend that took place not too long ago, I decided to walk down Washington Street to view the exhibit at Old North Church.  As I made my way down (with my camera conveniently draped over my shoulder), I noted the houses displaying flags.  This one was clearly the champion on the block with the long, old flag draping down.  I had to wait for the wind to calm and allow the flag to lay straight before getting this image.  I tried to bring out the detail in the house and flag when processing the image [...]

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The Brick House on Doaks Lane

I decided to visit the archives for today's image and looked at shots taken one year ago in June but not yet posted to the web.  This one jumped out at me and I had to use it.  There was something very mesmerizing about this brick house when I noticed it on Doak's lane one sunset day in June. I think wat struck me was the perfectly tall, thin and symmetrical face of this house.  Especially in contrast to the asymmetry in the road below.  Enjoy this unique house on this Thursday in Marblehead...

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