Grace Community church

Moon and Star over Marblehead

On Wednesday morning, I left the house at dawn with two goals in mind - capturing the setting full moon over Marblehead and a few images using my new Phantom drone.  I started by crossing the causeway and saw the beautiful full moon in my rear view mirror.  I had charted out its descent the night before but, when faced with the moon that morning, I found myself struggling with the right shooting spot.  I ended up driving down Foster Street, up Harbor Avenue, down Corinthian Lane, back up Nahant Street, down Ocean Avenue and finally deciding on Harvard Street. [...]

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Morning Grace in Marblehead

Today and tomorrow's images come from my trip to the top of St. Michael's steeple and the beautiful dawn and sunrise which greeted us.  Given the tight space, there end up being only a limited number of compositions available but the differing light of dawn and sunrise more than makes up for the loss in variety. I discovered this composition of Grace Community Church juxtaposed with Old North Church on a previous trip to this spot and couldn't help but shoot it again this morning.  The soft pastel light of morning helped bring the entire scene together from the foreground [...]

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Racing in Marblehead Harbor

With the perfect weather that we've been having, I figured some of my readers might like to see an image of sailboats in the waters of Marblehead.  Today's shot comes from April 23rd and a view of sailboats participating in the Jackson Cup.  This is by far my favorite event of the season as the moorings in the harbor remain empty for the most part allowing the boats to pass in front of several Marblehead landmarks. I've shared one image from the races on this particular afternoon with the boats crossing in front of Abbot Hall.  I watched the sailboats [...]

Golden Light over Marblehead’s Skyline

I had planned to share images of Friday night's spectacular sunset this week but last night's full moon offered an opportunity I couldn't miss.  With that captured, shared and voted on (the final shot with the face won by a landslide), it's time to turn back to Friday night's show. On Monday night, I shared an image taken at the peak of the pink and purple color and Tuesday night featured an image showcasing the incredible clarity that developed early on.  Tonight's image was taken at 6:35pm - in between the first two shared images.  As the sun set lower [...]

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The Cupola of Grace Community Church

I was fortunate to welcome 2016 from atop St. Michael's new steeple and come away with several images from this unique location.  I've shared a few looking out towards the harbor and looking down Hooper Street. As dawn's light broke free of the thick clouds near the horizon, the cupola of Grace Community Church was illuminated briefly.  I quickly switched to a vertical orientation and captured this close up view of the cupola with soft light in the distance.

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Christmas in Marblehead – Grace and St Michaels

When I go out to shoot the town of Marblehead, it is not uncommon for me to find at least five different compositions in good light and then have to select one to share and place others in the archive.  On this day, I had set up at the pier of the Pleon Yacht Club which offered me a number of photographic possibilities.  This week, I wanted to share five different images captured from 3:45pm to 4:05pm on Christmas in Marblehead. First up was this shot looking across the harbor at Grace Community Church and St. Michael's Steeple poking out [...]

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From the Rooftops – Pleasant Street at Dawn

Can you tell that I enjoyed my time atop St. Michael's steeple?  This is another image from New Years day and came as the light picked up a bit in the morning sky.  I composed the image of Pleasant street at dawn to showcase Grace Community Church as well as the stores in historic downtown Marblehead.  The addition of lights in some of the store windows add a warm glow to the final scene.

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Top 10 of 2015 – Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

I usually like to wait a little while after taking and sharing an image to decide if it has 'legs' and will remain a favorite for years to come.  In the case of this image of Mud Puddle Toys and the corner of Pleasant and Washington Streets, I knew the moment I clicked the shutter. The response to the image was overwhelming and confirmed my early feelings.    Here is #10 in the Top 10 of 2015 Countdown.

Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

With the parking ban in effect and unseasonably warm temperatures, I've wanted to capture images of historic downtown Marblehead for a while now.  Unfortunately, the light has been terrible with heavy cloud cover blocking any semblance of light on the streets.  Finally on Saturday morning, the weather looked promising and I left the house at 6:00am hoping for the best.  This week I plan to share images of historic downtown Marblehead captured on this early morning. My very first stop was this one on the sidewalk in front of Haley's Cafe to capture the intersection of Pleasant and Washington Streets. [...]

Ending the Day at the BYC

I started this week with an image captured in July 2013 while on a boat ride around Marblehead.  It only seemed fitting to end the week with a shot from later in the night on that same day. We ended up inside Marblehead Harbor as the sun set and motored to the causeway before heading back out to the mooring in Salem Harbor.  As we slowly passed through the crowded harbor, I quickly composed images and shot them as fast as I could in the waning light.  At this point we had reached the Boston Yacht Club and I composed [...]

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