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Peak Foliage in Marblehead – The Tree on the Avenue

There are a few trees in town that have become my favorites over these past 5 years and the maple on Atlantic Avenue near the Seaside park sign is among them.  I had gone out on Saturday in grey, flat light and found this tree to have reached almost peak foliage.  The weather was due to turn for the better the next morning and so I made the quick decision to wake up early and try to capture theist tree at peak foliage in better light. I started off shooting around Doliber Cover and Little Harbor (come back Thursday and [...]

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Let the Light Shine Through

I've shared two images from last week's incredible light display over Marblehead's the third.  On Monday, a fairly large system moved to the North of Marblehead just as sunset approached and I headed across to Marblehead neck after work to see if some light might shine through the clouds.  I had decided to shoot from the pier off Foster Street to allow the most flexibility as I wasn't sure which way the light might show. As luck would have it, a small break appeared in the clouds and the sunlight escaped for the briefest moment to light up what [...]

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Sun Star After the Storm

We have had some incredible light this past week and, as luck would have it, my son is at sleep-away camp so I have more time to go out and capture the amazing sunsets that have taken shape over Marblehead Harbor. Monday saw the first confirmed tornado touch down in Essex county (Revere) along with a steady stream of thunderstorms.  Thankfully, most missed Marblehead to the North but the clouds that accompanied the activity suggested yet another epic sunset. I headed out to Marblehead Neck and, with clouds exploding all around me, decided to stop along Foster Street for the [...]

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A Perfect Spring Day in Marblehead

I mentioned on Friday that the two flowers I strive to photograph each year are sunflowers and cherry blossoms.  Since living in Washington, DC and being spoiled by the view of cherry blossoms lining the tidal basin there, these flowers have become synonymous with the start of Spring. This year, I happened upon the most incredible display of cherry blossoms since moving to Marblehead five years ago.  I discovered this crop of trees in the midst of the Harris Street Cemetery one day and ended up coming back to shoot for three days in a row in early morning and, [...]

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The Sun, Marblehead, and the American Flag

On Tuesday, July 30th, we headed out on the Hannah Glover to Children's Island where my son was spending two weeks at camp.  This was the session's Family Night and I made sure to bring my camera for the ride there and back.  It seems that I am always greeted with great clouds on the few occasions when we head over to Children's Island and this time was no different. As we made our way out of Marblehead Harbor, I noted the American Flag on the back of the Hannah Glover and tried to include it with compositions of Abbot [...]

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Turn to Clear Vision

For a while, I had an Experimental Friday theme going on this site.  I was looking back through my archive and found this image taken on June 21, 2012 and not yet shared that seemed to fit nicely with that theme.  This was taken on an outing at Chandler Hovey Park with my kids while trying out a borrowed lens (the fabled Canon 135mm f/2).  I shot with that lens and came away with some favorite images of my children (there's a reason they call it magical and claim there's fairy dust sprinkle liberally inside).  I couldn't help myself when [...]

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First Light on an Icy Castle Rock

Back to some recent images taken before the January thaw.  On this particular morning, I again headed out in hopes of capturing some sea smoke.  It turned out that my search was in vain but I did not come away empty handed.  In fact, I witness (and captured) and incredible early dawn image that I'll share in the next few days (you'll understand why later) and then headed here to Castle Rock.  I was surprised to see the tide pools had turned to ice and I quickly scampered down to the rocks as the sun began to rise.  By positioning [...]

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A Sunburst Over Marblehead Harbor

Hope you're not tired of the Wednesday Sunset theme that has been going on these past few weeks.  As I mentioned previously, all of these images were taken during an exceptionally beautiful Summer sunset on August 21st.  This was the start of the show and I managed to catch the small sunburst (or sun star) as the sun descended beneath the trees across the harbor.  For those who are interested, the trick to these sunbursts is in part the lens you use but also to close down the lens as far as possible (f/16-22 will do).  Then you need something [...]

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Chasing the Light 2 – Sunburst from Cove Lane

So after leaving Castle Rock a bit disappointed in missing the best light, I drove further up the Neck, around Chandler Hovey and parked near Cove Lane.  I took advantage of the public way and walked down to the beach to see if the sunset might hold some promise.  I found this scene before me and a smile crept onto my face...maybe this would make up for having struck out a bit at Castle Rock. I set about choosing my composition and made sure all the elements were where I wanted them. I then closed down the aperture to f/22 [...]

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Stacked Rocks on the Causeway

It looks like the rocks are stacking up on the causeway... This became a significant collection last Summer and I noted the beginnings of the rock stacks on this June day.  I had seen the rocks a bit earlier in the day but wanted to return when the sun was lower in the sky.  For this shot, I closed down the aperture of the lens as far as it went to bring out the 'sun star' or 'sunburst' effect.  The time of day also added some depth to the shot with the great shadows coming toward the camera. I may [...]

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